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Art Supply


AID Agency serves as both a creative platform and a source of ongoing economic support

for artists with intellectual disabilities.

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About Artist Su won Cho

The autistic artist, Su won, employs his own palette of colors to craft his artwork. These colors play a critical role in conveying his inner world and emotions. For instance, he may select specific colors to express particular emotions he experiences. Su won's creation of family portraits serves as a means to convey his emotions toward his family or portray his relationships with family members. Su won has been fond of superhero movie protagonists like Spider-Man and Iron Man since he was in elementary school. He began practicing drawing them in his sketchbook during his upper elementary school years. With the help of a missionary, Jesus became the ultimate Hero in his life. He illustrates Bible stories through his art.

He has the unique ability to capture the essence of objects in a single, uninterrupted stroke, and his warm and soothing color choices provide inner healing to those who view his artwork. Expressing his authentic self and sharing his unique perspective with others through art is a crucial avenue for self-expression for him. Through this process, he can develop his artistic expression and connect with people around him, promoting empathy and understanding


About Artist Mark Liu

Mark's ability to excel in painting without formal art lessons beyond high school classes is indeed a testament to his innate creativity and unique perspective. His distinctive style, characterized by a strong focus on detail, precision, and a deep connection to his subjects, is noteworthy. Mark's artwork often reflects his intense and genuine emotions, allowing him to convey complex feelings and ideas in a way that resonates with viewers.


His unique perspective and creative talent can be attributed to the different ways in which individuals with autism perceive the world. He often experiences heightened sensory experiences, pays keen attention to detail, and tends to view the world from a different angle, all of which greatly enriches his artistic work.


Mark's ability to communicate complex emotions and ideas through his art serves as a powerful reminder of the richness and diversity of human expression. His artwork serves as a medium for expressing his observations, feelings, and thoughts, enabling him to delve into his inner world and discover ways to communicate with others.

Why is it important for people with disabilities to have the opportunity to earn money and achieve economic self-sufficiency?

Disability Keeps Many in Poverty

Living with a disability is expensive and can require spending on medication and frequent health care visits, a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, in-home personal assistance, and adaptive devices and clothing, along with the usual costs of living. Living with serious illness only worsens these financial stresses. According to our survey, almost half (44%) of seriously ill Americans living with a long-term disability used up all their savings, compared with about one-quarter (24%) of those with no disability. Almost a third (29%) of the seriously ill living with a disability said they were unable to pay for basic necessities like food, heat, and housing, compared with 12 percent of those without a disability. Around two-thirds (64%) of the seriously ill with a long-term disability said they wanted to work but were unable to. More than half (58%) of these adults also reported that once they became seriously ill, they were unable to do their job as well as before. 

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Why does our company need to exist?

Our agency helps people with disabilities to utilize their artistic abilities, engage more actively in community life, and achieve greater economic self-sufficiency.

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Art Platform for Intellectual Disabilities


Artistic Expression

Our platform provides a space for artists with intellectual disabilities to create and exhibit their artwork, including various forms of art such as painting, sculpture, music, literature, and more.


Online Gallery or Marketplace

AID Agency operate an online gallery or marketplace where artists can showcase and sell their artwork. This platform allows artists to reach a wider audience, including potential buyers and art enthusiasts.


Financial Support

Aid Agency provides financial support to artists by offering a portion of the proceeds from art sales. This income can help support their livelihood and further their artistic activities.


Marketing and Promotion

Our platform actively promotes artists and their work through social media, online marketing, and collaborations with art organizations. This helps increase the visibility and recognition of artists.


Artistic Development

AID Agency organizes educational sessions, and mentoring programs to help artists enhance their skills and expand their artistic experiences.


Inclusive Community

Our platform fosters a supportive and inclusive community where artists can connect with peers, share experiences, and collaborate on creative projects.


Accessibility and Inclusivity

AID Agency takes measures to ensure that artists with various disabilities can access the online platform, providing alternative content formats and assistive technology support.


Advocacy and Awareness

Our platform advocates for the rights and inclusion of artists with intellectual disabilities in the arts and society at large. This is aimed at challenging stereotypes and promoting a diverse and inclusive artistic landscape.


Assessment and Feedback

Our platform regularly collects feedback from artists and stakeholders to assess the impact of its programs and make continuous improvements.


Creations Turned into Products

AID Agency creates products using artwork and sells them, allowing their creations to be integrated into people's daily lives and providing artists with a means to earn income from the proceeds

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