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AID Agency is dedicated to providing a platform for artists with intellectual disabilities

to express their creativity and achieve financial independence through their art

Art Class

Jianna Kim

CEO/ Founder

About CEO

Jianna Kims says, "I started volunteering with Special Olympics in the 6th grade. Since then, I founded a non-profit organization called GIVE-Youth to engage in more volunteer activities, helping society alongside many others. Initially, it was just me, but we had 5 local members, and currently, we've expanded to 66 members across various regions in the United States, India, and Morocco. Through numerous volunteer events, we have been able to offer significant assistance to those in need.

In particular, when I reached 9th grade, I became a coach for Special Olympics, and this experience ignited a deeper passion for helping people with intellectual disabilities. I noticed that it's not easy for them to find employment or earn money on their own. After successfully organizing an art exhibition for autistic children through GIVE-Youth, I started exploring ways for people with intellectual disabilities to earn a living and lead a social life.

I discovered their artistic talents and encouraged them to express themselves through art. We hold art exhibitions, created various products, and decided to establish an agency that allows them to earn money on their own. This endeavor is not just about making money; it's about unearthing their hidden potential and sharing their unique artistic sensibilities with the world. It has become a meaningful mission to empower them and make a difference."

Published in Newsletter

Jianna Kim initiated a plaque installation project with Worcester Township to encourage, support, and honor Special Olympics athletes and their families while raising awareness in the local community.

Volunteer Experience for Special Needs People

September 2014 - Present

June 2018 - Present

November 2020 - Present

August 2020 - Present

July 2023 - Present

GA Community Service Organization leader 

  • Connected the school and Special Olympics to provide students with volunteer opportunities

  • Joined the club when she was in 3rd grade and became a club leader when she was in 11th grade

  • Raises awareness about the Special Olympics at her school

Special Olympics Mongomery County Pennsylvania certified coach and volunteer

  • Joined as a volunteer when she was in 6th grade and became a coach when she was in 8th grade

  • Volunteers once a week for three hours each practice for the athletes

  • Demonstrated, as the only high school student among a team of adult professionals, ability to work collaboratively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and age groups

  • Attended Special Olmpics World Games Berlin 2023 as a volunteer and honors guest

GIVE-Youth Non-Profit Organization founder and president

  • Lead for 66 members from Pennsylvania, California, New Jersy, Delaware, Korea, and India

  • 250 + volunteer hours per year in the community

  • Exhibited Art exhibition for autistic artists

  • Annual donation: Clothing Drive, Book Drive, and Food Drive

  • Annual summer Snack Driave for Special Olympics Track and Field Team PA

  • Urgent fundraising events: support Ukrian, Special Needs Kids

  • Annual Love Summer Disability Camp

  • Disability Awareness: research and make a post every other week

  • Editor and Marketing

Grace Chamber Music Youth Club co-founder and co-president

  • Performs with and for autistic musicians

  • Hold annual fundraising concert for Special Olympics

  • Hold a concert for Special Needs family and friends 

  • performs for special needs events

AID Agency CEO and founder

  • Discovering, nurturing, and educating a talented individual

  • Providing opportunities for artists to showcase their works to people and earn money

  • Exhibiting the works of the artists and creating products based on their work for sale

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